US Army War College event features Sri Lankan Culture, Food and Tourism
The Sri Lanka booth organized by the Embassy showcased Sri Lankan culture, food and tourist attractions to over a thousand cultural enthusiasts attending the event. The visitors of all ages stopped by the Sri Lanka booth to taste kokis, mung kiribath (milk rice with green gram) , milk toffee and thala guli for the first time in their lives. Also , many were keen to taste a hot cup of fine Ceylon tea freely available for them at the booth. Posters showing tourist attractions and cultural artifacts including traditional masks and drums were on display. Brochures and publications containing tourist related information about Sri Lanka also attracted significant interest from the visitors. This year’s \"Know Your World” event was hosted by the 77 international fellows from 67 countries of USAWC class of 2014. The event provides the opportunity for the international officers at the USAWC to present the cultures and customs of their countries to the US community. U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania is the highest military educational institution in United States.
Carole and Howie, May 2013

Israel was wonderful! Our thanks for all your help in making this trip our dream come true. From start to finish everything we did just fit like a puzzle.Our guide, Ariel was the best!! What a delight. He reminded me of our son-in-law whom we love and admire. The pick up and transfer by Eytan Bros. went like clock work. Our guide in Petra was perfect. All the places we stayed were beautiful clean but to much food!

Our thanks to Gil Travel and to you Susan for all your work.

Carole and Howie, May 2013

The trip to Israel was wonderful. The tour guide was great. The hotels were very nice and clean with beautiful breakfasts. The rabbi was great and really made the bar mitzvahs memorable. We couldn't have asked for more!

Thank you again for all of your help and we would definitely recommend your tours.